The Silver Fund

After decades of dealing art in London, San Francisco, and New York, they opened a flagship location in Palm Beach, FL. We helped them build an audience, grow engagement, and move into the digital advertising space.

The Brand

Digitalizing a nationally known brand

With a strong brand presence and design already in place, we just needed to help catch it up to the digital world and get in on the social trends

Outcome: Strong branded socials on Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest, with reviews from celebrities and well known designers.

The Socials

Design, hashtag research, audience engagement

We researched the client base to figure out what they wanted. Bold and bright colors stood out in interior design on social media. We photographed well looking shots, created a group of hashtags that were both top searched as well as not as common (so we could be top of the page), and continually engaged with the audience on all platforms

Outcome: A 45% increase in web traffic and 200% growth in social media views

The Ads

Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads

One of the brands in house photographers had an eye for capturing great looking content. These full spread images were used in magazines and then converted to digital ads.

Outcome: Google ads with conversion rates between 5-10%, where the average conversion rate for Google Ads is 3.75%. These ads drove large web traffic.

The Product

Using socials to increase sales

Through research we discovered that one of their big cliental, interior designers, used Pinterest to shop for items. Personal designers, shoppers, and more also frequented the site. the companies top product was marketed through Pinterest (organically), and let to large art sales.

This one post alone drove 38 website clicks in just 30 days with no paid advertising.

Outcome: Pinterest would average 160K views a month just from well placed product and SEO.

Trend Setting

Keeping up with trends and hopping on them quickly

In 2019 a banana sold for $120,000 at Art Basel Miami, just 45 minutes away. We jumped on the opportunity to recreate this image at the client’s shop and then send out geofenced ads to the area where the original piece was sold. This strategy allowed us to attract attention from people searching for it, and show that we were a brand capable of being on-trend in a matter of hours.

Outcome: Well performed ads and in-store traffic because we recognized and delivered on trending topics

Print Media

Print advertising to drive traffic to digital presence

Not everyone looks at a screen as much. Some audiences still prefer old fashion mail and something they can feel and touch. We designed (and photographed the product) for mailed out booklets showcasing the brands product. These could then be sent out to well known buyers and previous clients who preferred a physical copy opposed to a mass email.

The books were also hosted on the brands website and made into easy to view digital e-books, for those who wanted a link instead.

Outcome: Clients coming into the store and making purchases because we made it easy and placed the product directly in front of them

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