Petition Play

Petition Play is a small online news publication that specializes in gaming news and reviews. The focus was to drive traffic to the website using an organic approach (no ad spend).

Organic Posts to Drive Traffic

Determining the audiences platform

We did research to discover which platforms readers were most likely to engage with. We found the crowd over on Twitter was very active in engaging with news related content.

We stayed up to date on trending tags, monitored the time that our audience was most engaged, and then planned out a content calendar with all this information to keep everyone on track.

Outcome: In just two weeks we got the brand from 2 Twitter viewers a day to 34.

Media for all

Branching out to other socials

With a strategy implemented for our best performing platforms we branched out to news ones. We started crafting graphics with the brands colors and guidelines for Instagram. These graphics helped them reach a new audience and continue the growth to new platforms.

Outcome: A more established brand image across new platforms


How to grab peoples attention

Ads can make things a bit easier… you chose the target audience, age, location, etc and know that you are mostly reaching those specific people. Going the organic route makes it a bit harder as you are reaching a much larger audience and also competing against targeted ads.

We helped Petition Play really get down in the details and engage with an audience. When you are going the organic route, engagement is more important then ever. Getting in the comments, talking with readers, and more.

We spent a lot of time discussing posts and what would draw in peoples attention in a very crowded market. What colors, how to make it pop, hashtags, headers, images, and more.

Outcome: A well curated and personal brand strategy for social platforms that worked.

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