Kulture Clothing

A pop up brand using only social media and digital marketing.


Establishing a reputation quickly and effectively

The brands idea was to bring together multiple cultures into one audience. The goal being to sell a product to different people and have them all wearing the same thing even if they came from different parts of the world.

The brand would drop exclusive lines each week at a certain time, and once they sold out that was it for the week. They wanted to be inclusive but wanted the product to feel exclusive. they wanted to invoke a need to purchase it now and utilized FOMO (the fear of missing out) to drive more eyes to the brand and bring sales.

Outcome: A perfect place for us to step in and help create hype, we got photographers and influencers from around the states to help capture content in well known places in their cities, to make it feel like this product was right in your home town.

The Strategy

Website popups, giveaways, and content calendar

The brand needed a way to collect potential customers information. We implemented a popup/landing page on the brands website to collect interested users emails. These were then used to build out an email list to send drop information to.

A new brand also has growing problems, so we launched a campaign to give small discounts to new buyers. This helped buyers feel like they were special and it made the purchase seem more special and safe. Even though these codes were easy to get, they came in the form of popups timed to show when users were about to leave a page, making it feel more unique to them.

We got all the drop dates from the brand and formed a content calendar that would automatically post to remind people of upcoming dates, day of drop, and more. This helped keep them organized.

Outcome: Our landing page conversion rate for collecting emails was at 8%, putting the brand in the top 25% of conversions in the industry.

The Ads

Simple ads that intrigued interest

The brand wanted to try a unique approach, run simple ads with little to no copy. For most industries this would not be something we would recommend, but for fashion we could see it working. We had the brand send product around to photographers that we know and trust, and they captured compelling images in unique locations that would capture the eye.

These ads would then run on Facebook and Instagram, with an action button to the brands website and usually no copy. We found this actually did spark interest in people being curious to know more. It also blended in more to look like a post then an advertisement which also caused people to spend longer engaging with the ad since they were not immediately turned off by the look of an ad.

Outcome: High performing social ads that led to sales and an 11% conversion rate.

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