Fiberbond Keratin Thickening Fibers blend seamlessly with your own hair to fill in thinning areas and conceal hair loss. 

The Goal

Produce media to show the effectiveness and ease of using the product

When the company patented a new technology they wanted media examples to show how easy it was to use. This included a full video for the web as we as smaller media pieces for social media.

We put together a team to plan a strategy, execute it, and produce it

Outcome: A short and easy to follow video with engaging graphics.

The Deliverables

Easy to follow copy, easy to see examples

“How to” videos can often feel bland, the narrative can become annoying, and they can run to long. We wanted to create a piece of web content that was under two minutes and used short and to the point explanations. This way potential buyers could get a feel for it without it being to much.

Outcome: A video that performed well under testing and delivered what the brand was looking for while keeping the audience engaged and the narrative on point with the brands alignments.

The Socials

Videos that call to action

The brand was able to take the video and break it up into short sections that could be shared on socials with a call to action button leading to the website.

Outcome: Engaging social content that helped drive web traffic where they could learn more about the product.

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