Onboarding a social media agency can seem like a lot, and we want to make this a stress free and easy process for you. Below are some answers to the basic questions of what happens when you start a plan!

Onboarding Q&A

You will notice all packages include a "dedicated social media manager". This is one specific person who will take over your accounts and understand what you need for the brand. This keeps it easy for you so you don't have to explain your vision and goal to a ton of people, and you'll always have one point of contact to communicate with. Your manager will then communicate with the creative team here to make sure we are on brand.
By now you have probably read that our biggest goal is to actually engage your audience and give your brand a voice. The Pro and Elite package both include this feature. This means we will actually get into the comment section and leave comments and likes on posts that we think will help you grow. With your strategy you will get a list of hashtags/keywords that we want to engage in, besides just using these on your posts, we will then search out other posts and engage in there comments to get your name out there and give you even more organic growth. This strategy is a very time consuming process but also one we have seen tremendous results from. Each plan will come with a set amount of time each month that we will spend doing this, if you see good results more time can always be added
The most important part to the whole process, the strategy that we will implement for the month! Once your account manager gets the scoop from you about your brand, we bring that info back to the team and start brainstorming. We dive into researching your market, competitors, and community. Once we have a solid understanding of this, we start crafting ideas on how to make your unique vision and voice stand out in the crowd. We also gather a well researched list of hashtags and keywords, best time to post depending on your location and desired audience, and more. This all gets written up into a plan that your account manager will use to make sure you stay on brand all month.
We want to be fully transparent with you and your brand. Each month you will be given a performance report once the month has finished. This report will give you a breakdown on what strategies worked and what needs to be tweaked a little bit. We also gather data from before you were even with us so you can see the changes that have occurred over time. These reports and your communication with your social media manager help us keep trying new things and keep the content fresh and exciting for your audience.
You will always have an email address to reach our team and your Social Media Manager. For the Pro and Elite package we will provide you with a Slack channel that you will be able to use to get in touch with your Social Media Manager and team quickly. These messages will come in directly to our team and allow for fast and quick responses during business hours. Slack is a messaging service that is used in many companies and allows organized channels in which you can send messages and media.

Setting up your social media accounts so our team can access them can be a bit confusing at times. Your social media manager will be alongside you the whole time to make it as easy as possible. Below are just some things to be aware of so you can eb ahead of the game.

Setting Up Accounts

To most effectively manage all of your accounts we will need to be able to access them. We also have scheduling software that we will connect to your accounts to make sure we have all your posts loaded up and organized. We make sure that everything is secure and that passwords are kept locked away where only those who need them (your social media manager) will have them. Some platforms allow for you to give admin permissions to our team without us needing your credentials, but that isn't the case for them all. Twitter and Pinterest for example do not have any admin settings and the username/password must be given out to be able to access them. We strongly encourage you to make unique passwords for these platforms that are not being used anywhere else. Upon ending our services we will delete any passwords we had from you.
Any of your posts that come with your plan can be turned into an advertisement and boosted for more people to see. Should you want to boost a post we will need access to run ads for your account that this will be done on. Ads cost additional money to run that is not included in your package. Our preferred method for this is to have you put your payment method into the ad account that will be used. We will then have a dedicated specialist take over and set up the campaign with everything needed to make it successful and fit into your strategy. Once this is done the campaign/ad can be launched and the payment will be taken from your card and given directly to the service you are running the ad on (FB, IG, etc.) without us touching it. Please note that for ad accounts we will usually have a dedicated team member handle that portion and this may require granting another user admin access. Other payment options for ad accounts specifically can be worked out on a case by case basis.
Once signed up, your Social Media Manager will reach out to you to get the onboarding call setup. On this call you will go over the accounts you want to use in your plan. Your Social Media Manager will then get the information from you to access these. Some accounts will require a time sensitive code be sent to the email used when creating them, in these cases work with your Social Media Manager to find a time that will work for you both to do this process.

There’s lots of options out there when deciding on a social media plan. Hire an agency, hire in house, etc. We take pride in what we do, and we put in the time to make it truly unique. We won’t just take your media and throw it in pre-made templates, we will craft unique things for your brand and spend real time getting it out there and promoting it for you,

How We Benefit You

Something many are concerned about at first is how we will stay on brand without being in your location five days a week. We understand the concern! Our answer is that for what you pay for our services you are getting a full team with experience in a multitude of industries. We will ask a ton of questions to get a good understanding of your brand to make sure we truly get it.
Yes! We highly recommend sticking with us for at least three months to see the progress really start to take shape. If you were to go hire an in-house social media marketer they would still take a few months to fully grasp the brand and strategy (but you would be paying a whole lot more). While we can't guarantee specific numbers, you will still get your strategy and a team backing it!   The first month is a great time to see what works and what doesn't work, after that we tweak those things on the second month, and the third month usually results in putting some finishing touches on the strategy to really give you something that will drive consistent results. From there we find that brands usually have a solid foundation that we can then start experimenting more with and getting super creative. But if you want to test us out for just a month or have a campaign you just need help launching we will make it happen!
We offer a variety of packages that we think cover most needs. We understand some companies have very specific goals in mind and we will do everything in our power to work with you to make it happen. If you just want to add an few more hours of community engagement to an existing plan, or you want to completely create your own to cover specific needs we can do that.

The least exciting part, the billing. A few answers to common billing questions.


You will be charged on the day you sign up, and that will cover the work created for the next 30 days. Regardless of length of contract you will still be billed every month. Because a large majority of the work takes place right after you sign up we do require the full payment be paid upfront.
We will make sure that you receive an invoice each month. It will be sent to the email we have on file for you.
We get life happens. Some businesses have seasons in which they pump out content but are then closed the rest of the year, some companies just want to try new things. If you wish to cancel in the middle on a 30 day pay period we will be unable to issue a refund, but will continuing to produce the content for the remaining time you have payed for if desired. If you just want to cancel the next month before it has been paid please let us know at least 3 days in advance.

Let’s build something together.