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Social media is constantly changing, and as a business owner it can be a lot to keep up with. That’s why we work to build your brand’s voice and open doors to new clients, all while managing the ever-changing landscape of social media.

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Welcome to Pixelated Door

We believe having a social media presence is an essential part of any business. With new platforms emerging and trends on constant rotation, we aim to help businesses get noticed and build a genuine audience.

We don’t deal in bots, wasted ad spend, or over-complicated strategies. We want to convey your voice to your audience as cost-effectively and noticeably as possible. With a team of people who have experience in startup cultures and small businesses, we know what it takes to do this while keeping the process easy and stress-free for you.

Social Media Management

We get it… social media management can be a long and time consuming process. Trying to write creative copy, utilize hashtags, and read about how the latest update is now using a new algorithm to sort posts is exhausting. For brands, there’s even more to keep up with on top of that laundry list of items. That’s where we come in! We keep up with the latest trends everyday, read the fine print on platform updates, and have a creative team to write the captions and do the research, while still maintaining your unique brand identity.

Social Media Strategy

The strategy is about how you market and present your brand to an audience. Social media can be tricky. People don’t scroll to find advertisements… they scroll to feel connected, see what their friends are up to, and catch up on the latest trends. We want to develop a strategy that will help your brand give value to this audience, and come across as knowledgeable on a subject instead of just reaching for sales and conversions.

We create a full and thought-out strategy that will be implemented in our scheduling software so that your brand never misses a beat. Content will be planned around ideal times of day when viewership will be highest, with keywords and creative copy to catch the eye.

How it Works

We want to make this easy for you. These are the steps that we will take to kick things off.

  • Communicate with you to choose the best plan
  • Receive payment
  • Have an onboarding call to better understand your business & collect any media you have available
  • Form a brand strategy with our internal team, research keywords/hashtags, etc.
  • Have you approve the strategy
  • Create content and schedule content calendar for the month
  • Final approval from you with any revisions
  • Send end of month report once finished

Discover Our Packages

From pre-made packages offering a variety of services to fully customizable services, we guarantee we have something for you.

Why Choose Us?

Brand Awareness

Become a trusted brand

Getting your name out there to the crowd is a tough thing to do. Once you get there and become a brand people think about, you will see growth. Social media marketing allows you to easily craft an online identity.

Drive Traffic

More eyes = more engagement

No matter what it is you are doing or selling, you need to get eyes on it. This means driving traffic to a location. Social media can help significantly increase traffic by building an audience and constantly engaging them.

Increase Conversions

Because sales drive business

The end goal of marketing is to turn an audience into clients. Conversions are what keep you up and running. Whether those conversions are sales of a product or eyes on a blog, we can help you convert.

Fast & Effective Process

Trends don’t wait, nor do we

We don’t wait around. Once you reach out to us, we will be on top of things to get your campaign running quickly. We can also change and adapt strategies on a last minute notice if something big happens and we need to hop on a trend.

Content Creators

Content is king in advertising

Content is the heart and soul of your brand’s advertising. Everything we do is to tell the story of your brand, and to do that we have some amazing content creators to help write and form beautiful copy that will get you seen.


Putting your goals into action

To form a strategy that works, we need to know the ins and outs of your brand, as well as what your competitors are doing. Having worked in many different industries we have a broad understanding of different niches. Our team deep dives into your industry to craft a unique strategy to stand out from your competition.

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